Annual Awards 2014

Club Awards

The winners of the club’s 2014 awards are:

Award Name
Male Athlete of the Year – Olympic Sam Proctor
Male Athlete of the Year – Long Course Andy Walpole
Female Athlete of the Year Tanya Brightwell
Outstanding Achievement David Farrell
Most Improved Darren Campany
Best Novice Murray Spencer
Most laps of the lake 50 miles+ Dave Ringrose
Most Events in 1 Year Kat McVicar
Most Famous Ian Lofting

Club Ironman Championship

The club’s Ironman championship results are:

  • Winner (M) ANDY WALPOLE
  • Winner (Mvet) DES ADKINSON
  • Winner (F) ANN FULLER
Name Gender Age Group* Time Location
Andy Walpole M SEN 9:56:45 Austria
Des Adkinson M VET 11:09:21 South Africa
James Rodgers M SEN 11:26:04 Austria
Des Adkinson M VET 12:12:18 Sweden
Martin Nicholls M VET 12:17:17 Austria
Kevin Smith M SEN 12:25:08 Austria
Ann Fuller F VET 12:29:17 Austria
John Doyle M VET 12:50:27 Holland
Darren Campany M VET 13:19:07 Austria
David Ringrose M VET 13:26:56 Austria
Ian Lofting M VET 13:48:48 Wales
Ozzy Hosmer M VET 14:09:15 U.K
Ozzy Hosmer M VET 14:53:29 Lanzarote
Ronan McCarthy M SEN 15:31:04 Austria

Ocean Lake Sprint Tri Series

The results from the Ocean Lake Sprint triathlon:

  • Winner (M) DANNY GOWER
  • Winner (F) LARA HAWKINGS
  • Winner (M vet) ADRIAN FIELD


Name Gender Age Group* Time
Danny Gower M SEN 1:10:08
Lara Hawkings F VET 1:13:07
Adrian Field M VET 1:18:40
Dave Ballard M VET 1:25:13
Joe Precious M VET 1:26:12
Kat McVicar F SEN 1:40:45

Bridge Aquathon Results

The results from the Bridge Aquathon:

  • Winner (M) SAM PROCTOR
  • Winner (M.VET.) JOHN DOYLE
  • Winner (F.VET) ANN FULLER

TOP 10

Name Gender Age Group* Time
Sam Proctor M SEN 32:16
Andy Walpole M SEN 34:04
Tanya Brightwell F VET 36:54
James Rodgers M SEN 36:54
Danny Gower M SEN 37:54
John Doyle M VET 38:50
Carly Bland F SEN 40:12
Harrison Utting M SEN 40:45
Ann Fuller F VET 40:54
David Ringrose M VET 41:27

Southwater Relays

The results from the Southwater Relays:

  • Winner DALLAS COWBOYS – James Rodgers, Sam Proctor, Andy Walpole
  • Winner DENVER BRONCOS – Ann Fuller, Jason Fuller, Jack Blake (sen)
  • Winner Individual Male – Sam Proctor
  • Winner Individual Female – Lara Hawkings
  • Winner Male Vet – John Doyle
  • Winner Female Vet – Ann Fuller

*Age groups are seniors aged 40 and under on 31/12/14.  Full WhiteOak members only

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