Team GB 70.3 European championships. Ibiza October 2018 Here is my race report to hopefully inspire club members to give team GB events a try. Where it all started: My race began with qualifying via Vichy 70.3 Ironman race in 2017, I was contacted by another UK athlete who said i should apply as I’d finished top 4 UK entrants and was within 110% of winners time, (this is how you qualify) my thoughts initially were that it’s not for me, but chats with mum and children convinced me to sign up , The first shock was £300.00 entry fee!! however after feeling inspired byRead More →

Ironman Wales Race Report Since it started 8 years ago Ironman Wales has become one of the most iconic races in the calendar and has gained a reputation for being one of toughest Ironman courses out there. This is due to its generally lumpy 2.4 mile sea swim, followed by a 1 km uphill run to T1, followed by a hilly 112 mile bike, followed by a hilly 26.2 mile run. One other factor which has made Wales so iconic is the overwhelming support it gets from the local community and visiting race supporters alike. The allure of Wales proved too much for 6 ofRead More →

My Experience of the Cotswolds Classic The setting for this race is near Cirencester in the Cotswolds, a lovely, quiet and scenic area of the British Isles. The most important thing for me in this race was pacing. Illness leading up to the race had robbed me of a vital block of training and so it was to plan B, getting to the finish line rather than racing. The alarm went off at 4am. Although I’ve done this many times the nerves were still there, the continual checking of my kit. Once should be enough, how can it change, but still I do it. IRead More →

Lake Swimming Now Open We’re delighted to report that lake swimming is now open and will be available to all DWOT full and open water swim members. Open water swimming sessions are Monday and Friday, 6pm – 8pm at the  access ramp adjacent to the boathouse. Our new license allows for other sessions on Saturday 2-4 pm and also Wednesdays which will be available soon. See Open Water Swimming at the Bridge for full details.Read More →