Bridge Dartford – Resident Triathlon Club

In May 2010 White Oak Triathlon Club, one of the oldest British Triathlon Federation clubs in the United Kingdom at the invitation of Dartford Borough Council and Prologis became the resident Triathlon club at the “Bridge Development“ Dartford.

The Club is extremely grateful for the use of this excellent training facility which is a demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility in action, the Club is seeking to work all stakeholders to develop grass routes Triathlon within the local Bridge and Temple Hill Communites.

The bridge is a 264 acre mixed-use regeneration project which is being developed as a joint venture by ProLogis and Dartford Council.

The development incorporates the “South Lake” which is a very large fresh water lake, refreshed by the tidal Thames so the water quality has remained consistently good (its tested on a regular basis).

The club has invested in clear lake marking to enable swimming by all abilities, the members hand book outlines lake safety.

Swimming is open to all Club Members please refer to the membership page for details and the Club Members Hand Book.

Lake Strategy 2013
The Club continues to invest in the lake, for the 2013 Season the club has appointed a dedicated Lake Manager to facilitate lake admin and health and safety.

The club is seeking to build upon this year’s Monday and Friday evening lake secessions to incorporate a Saturday secession.

The Club is aiming to hold a number of Club Relay events as part of the Club Championship’s as well as building towards the Clubs participation in the “South Water Relay Championships 2013″.

Other Lake Activity
The club conducts coached BTF run training on a Monday night.

Long Term Strategy
The Club is now seeking “Community Amateur Club” status which will enable the Club to qualify for Regional and Lottery funding, the club hopes to work with Dartford Borough Council and Prologis to develop a permanent base for the Club based upon the “The Bridge Phase 2 Visitor Centre Development” which will support the development of the sport at grass route level and enabling the Olympic BTF legacy.

Important Safety Notice

  • Swimming is only permitted for club members who have been assessed and approved to swim in the lake.
  • Swimming at the lake is only permitted at the agreed time as published, no un-authoirsed access to the lake is permitted at any other time for members of the club.
  • In all instances speak to the Club Lake co-ordinator first to seek permission and clarification.  The Club Lake co-ordinator can be contacted here