Club Governance

The following page documents how the Club is governed.

The Club was re-constituted in November 2012 as a Community Amateur Sports Club; this provides the club with a recognised structure and transparent Governance model, ensuring that the Club is managed correctly for the benefit of the members and the sport. It will also enable the club to seek funding from stakeholders for the development of the members. See Club Constitution

Governing the Club
The Committee
The Club is run by an elected Committee, all Committee members give up their time free of charge, they spend considerable time and effort maintaining and developing the club. More volunteers are required. The Committee meets once a month, normally the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30, all members are welcome to attend. The Club holds its annual AGM in November each year. See Committee

All Committee and AGM minutes are posted on the club website, copies are available from

The Clubs accounts are maintained by the Club Treasurer, management accounts are presented on a monthly basis to the Committee. Reimbursed expenditure will be paid on a monthly basis, and will only be paid on receipt of a supporting invoice. Accounts and further information is available from

With the help of Triathlon England the Club has been able to develop a
three tier coaching pyramid comprising of Level 1 to 3 BTF coaches. The Club’s committee
develops the Clubs coaching strategy which is delivered by the Clubs coaching team. The Clubs senior coaches are members of the committee. See Coaching

Code of Conduct
The Club has introduced a new Club Code of Conduct for all members and coaches; the club has also adopted the various BTF ethical codes. See Code of Conduct

Members Handbook
The Club has now published its first members handbook see Members handbook

Managing the Club
Star Mark Scheme
The BTF has designed a best practice scheme for running and developing a Triathlon Club, the Club is working to adopt the BTF Star Mark Accreditation. This will ensure that every aspect of running the club is documented so as to ensure that future committee’s have the relevant information to successfully manage, maintain and develop the club. See Star Mark

As the Club grows so does the need for a structured Welfare provision. As part of the BTF Star Mark Accreditation the Club is developing a Welfare solution for the club, Triathlon is a physically robust sport and all athletes are prone to injury, it’s vitally important that the club can aide and support members; as well as deal with any inappropriate behaviour.

As well as implementing the Star Mark Scheme, the Club is also developing a club
management calendar to ensure that future committee members are aware of what needs to be done and when to support the running of the Club and the Club annual event.

All documentation will be held on the Clubs DropBox account.