Event Courses

Event Courses

This page will detail the event courses, and layout of the transitions.


Competitors start times must be strictly OBSERVED. If you are late and wish to race the Event Director will try to find a vacant slot or you will be back ended, the event officials ruling is final any form of verbal abuse will result in your instant disqualification we are all volunteers.

  • Sprint race contestants will swim 12 lengths in total 400m and Standard race contestants will swim 24 lengths in total 800m. 2 lengths prior to the end of your swim a board will be lowered into the water by a swim marshal to inform you that you have two lengths left to swim. When you have completed your swim, exit the water, leave your hat and exit to the transition area (you will be directed).
  • Please arrive on poolside at least 10 minutes before your allocated swim time slot. You will be directed by the chief swim Marshall to one of the six lanes and be given a swim hat to wear; this must be worn so that the swim marshals can identify you to count your lengths.
  • When you are waiting on poolside, there will be a sheet about “Pool etiquette” for you to read. Even if you are regular triathletes please ensure you have read this.
  • You will be counted from 10 seconds and then told to commence your swim; there will be other athletes in your lane. Please swim in your lane in the direction indicated by the marshals allowing faster swimmers to overtake you when appropriate. If you wish to overtake the swimmer in front of you a gentle tap on their feet will let them know.
  • You must enter over the timing mat at transition to activate your chip (will be marshalled).

Cycle Route

Please take care in the transition area, before you un-rack your bike you must ensure that your helmet is worn with the strap fastened. Proceed with your bike to the bike start mount line (no cycling is allowed in the transition area) where you will be instructed to mount your bike and begin cycling by a marshal. You must not wear anything that impedes your hearing at any time during the race (e.g. any form of earphones, headphones, mobile phones, iPods etc).

  • The Cycle route is approximately 22 kilometres (14 miles) for the Sprint race and 42 kilometers (26 miles) for the Standard race. The Standard bike route being two laps of the Sprint course, excepting on the end of the first lap you will carry on past Hilder May Ave (where the White Oak Leisure centre is) and take the 1st exit on the ‘Asda’ Roundabout at the top of London Road, to re-join the route of the first lap; this is shown as the ‘Standard Route Link’ on the map below.
  • The bike route consists of undulating rural and urban terrain
  • Competitors must at all time obey the Highway code and give way to traffic when required to (you will be disqualified if you do not).
  • There will be cycle route marshals along the route and clear race direction signs (black arrow on a yellow background).
  • Please listen carefully to any instructions they give, they are there to assist with your safety but are not responsible for it.
  • There will be a cordoned off cycle lane coming out of transition and one returning to transition. The rest of the time the route is on the public highway where roads are not closed.

View Cycle Route in a larger map

  • On leaving the transition area turn left into Hilda May Avenue then turn right where there is a mandatory stop and foot down point (junction of Hilda May Ave & Northview), after which right again and then left to join the main road at the back of Asda as directed. From here the route goes towards Hextable, Swanley Village, Farningham, Hawley, Dartford, Leyton Cross, Bexley Village, North Cray Road, Ruxley roundabout and back to Swanley. The course will be well signposted and all major junctions will be marshaled. Please take GREAT care when negotiating the right hand turn into Swanley Village, this will be marshaled. When decending Ship Lane to turn right into the A225 there is a mandatory stop and foot down point, as this is a blind turn into a road carrying fast moving traffic. There are Traffic lights on the left turn from Hawley Rd A225 into Oakfield Lane, this will be marshaled.
  • The two foot drafting rule will be imposed.
  • Once the last competitor is on the bike course, a sweep car will follow to ensure that no one is in difficulty and to offer assistance if needed. If you have any mechanical problems during the bike leg and are unable to fix them yourself please ask a fellow competitor to notify the next marshal on the bike route. If you notice anyone in difficulty please notify the next marshal.
  • When completing the cycle leg you will be directed by a marshal into the transition area. On reaching the dismount line you will be instructed to dismount by the marshal. Please do not remove your helmet until your bike is safely racked. Once you have safely racked your bike, proceed to the run section exit from transition.


The majority of the run section of the race is on tracks and trails around the beautiful Swanley Park which boasts its own boating lake and narrow gauge railway. Again familiarise yourself with the transition area to identify where you need to exit transition to begin your run. Marshalls will be in place to direct you to the run.

  • Sprint race contestants will run approximately 5.6 kilometers and do two laps of Swanley Park, the Standard race contestants will run approximately 9.6 kilometers and do four laps of Swanley Park. Rubber bands will be issued by marshals near the end of each lap. Sprint runners will need to collect one band and Standard runners will need three bands to present to marshals at the finish.
  • Water will be available at both the mid way point of each park lap (ensuring plentiful water stops) and also at the finish.
  • Marshals will record the race numbers of competitors that cut corners.


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