Transition and Bike Racking

Once you have registered, you will be able to rack your bike in the transition area which will be in the leisure centre top car park.

  • Place your race number sticker given to you at registration onto your bike this must be stuck on around the seat post so that your number is visible from both sides.


    Your race numbers will need to be on the bike and the helmet on and fastened prior to entry to transition.

    Your bike will be checked in by the marshall for safety reasons:

    • The helmet must meet BTF standards and be correctly adjusted.
    • The handlebar and Tribar end-stops must be in place.
    • The bike must be in a roadworthy condition.

    Limited emergency mechanical supplies can be found at the finish area provided by White’s Cycles. If your bike is deemed un-roadworthy or your helmet unsuitable, you will be given an opportunity to rectify this. If they are still deemed unsuitable after this then you will not be allowed to compete – no refunds will be given.

    You will then be directed to your allocated racking area by the transition marshall. Please do not take up more room than is necessary so your fellow competitors have enough space!

    NOTE: new race rules 2016 – no boxes can be kept in transition only a soft small bag (e.g. small rucksack).

    Ensure that you have the time to familiarise yourself with the layout of the transition area so that you know where the exits are for the cycle and run legs and where you will be returning to into transition. Once you have racked your bike please then proceed to the swimming pool.