Club Tri Shop

Club Tri Shop

Use the Google Doc below to enter your kit list requirements before we open the next purchase window

Kit List Request

We’re delighted to announce that our new club kit is now available to purchase on the Raceskin site for an initial window period of 3 weeks from Friday 14th February 2020 until Friday 6th March 2020.  Remember, you’ll be refunded 10% of the price advertised at the end of this period, if collectively 5 pieces of that kit item are bought.


We’ve assembled a helpful guide to the process with questions and answers.

  1. What colours are we racing in this year?
    Still the yellow and black but using a new design which looks fresh and 2020 whilst also resolving some of the modesty issues for our women athletes.
  2. Who is the supplier?
    Raceskins. Check them out here
  3. Do I still request the kit from the club in the normal way?
    No. To simplify the process we are partnering with Raceskins online shop. This will help the club finances as stock control will be much improved.
  4. How do I order then?
    In cooperation with Raceskins we open the online shop on a date to be determined. You will be notified of the date the shop opens by the club. You order and pay via the shop.
  5. Where does the kit get sent?
    To the address you specify when ordering.
  6. Is the online shop open all the year round?
    No. We open the shop on three to four windows during the year. It will be open for 2 weeks on each occasion. This is subject to demand of course.
  7. How long does the kit take to arrive?
    From the date the online shop closes it will take approximately 4 weeks for the gear to arrive.
  8. Is there a minimum order for the club to achieve on the kit?
    Yes. We need to have orders for 5 of each type of clothing. For example 5 of the sleeveless trisuits of various sizes constitutes a valid order. This is for the first order but after that we can be a little more flexible but bear with us as our understanding is still evolving.
  9. How will I know the status of my order?
    The club will liaise closely with the manager of the online shop to understand the order levels of the various items and there will communication to the members, either by the club or Raceskins themselves.
  10. Is there postage?
    Yes. Depending on the size of the order placed by each individual there is a fee for postage and packing.
  11. What about returns?
    Kit under warranty can be returned for repair or replacement. The warranty is 12 months.
  12. What if I get the sizing wrong?
    This is custom made kit. If the sizing is wrong then there is no return. Sample kit for sizing purposes will be available until the end of January. Also raceskins have a sizing guide here:

Example Tri Suit Design


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