Safety Induction Notice

Safety Induction Notice

All swimmers enter the water at their own risk

Each swimmer must have completed a declaration form stating any medical conditions/issues, emergency contacts and agreeing to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and safety rules regarding open water training and will be aware of the Emergency Action Plan.

Before each session, a pre-swim briefing will be given by the club safety officer to provide clear guidance on the session, the group structure, the course and information on what to do if experiencing difficulty. (Adopt Defensive Swim Technique – roll onto back and raise arm in the air to alert kayak support.)

  • All swimmers will register and sign in with the club safety marshal every time they enter water and will be ticked out on exiting the water.
  • Swimmers will wear buoyancy wetsuits and a brightly coloured swim hat at all times whilst in the water.
  • Entry to and exit from the water will be at the designated place only. Participants must swim in pairs.
  • Do not swim or enter the water if feeling unwell or have an open wound. Be aware of the symptoms of Weil’s disease – info at registration
  • Be aware of the symptoms for hypothermia as per Emergency Plan
  • Avoid swallowing the lake water.

On hearing 3 blasts of a horn, the lake must be evacuated immediately in the event of an emergency.

No responsibility will be accepted by the Dartford and Whiteoak Triathlon Club, the owners and TBEMC or any other associated companies, it’s staff or any other person on the premises for any injury, death or any loss howsoever caused. This notice is applied to any person attending the Dartford and Whiteoak Triathlon Club open water training sessions, whether swimming or not.



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