Event Courses

Event Courses

This page will detail the event courses, and layout of the transitions.


Competitors start times must be strictly OBSERVED. If you are late and wish to race the Event Director will try to find a vacant slot or you will be back ended, the event officials ruling is final any form of verbal abuse will result in your instant disqualification, we are all volunteers.

  • Sprint race contestants will swim 12 lengths in total 300m. The pool swim will be in a ‘Snake’ format where you swim up and down lane one, then ducking under the lane rope to the next lane where you swim down and back up. This process is continued until the 6th lane has been swum at which point you exit the pool.
  • Standard race contestants will swim 12 lengths of the pool, then walk back to lane 1 to do another 12 lengths of ‘Snake’ swimming. Total swim length is 600m.
  • Swim Diagram

  • When you have completed your swim, exit the water, exit to the transition area (you will be directed).
  • Please arrive on poolside at least 10 minutes before your allocated swim time slot. You will be directed by the swim marshal to enter the pool.
  • When you are waiting on poolside, there will be a sheet about “Pool etiquette” for you to read. Even if you are regular triathletes please ensure you have read this.
  • You will be counted in  and then told to commence your swim; there will be other athletes in your lane. Please allow faster swimmers to overtake you when appropriate. If you wish to overtake the swimmer in front of you a gentle tap on their feet will let them know to pause at the end of the lane to let you through.
  • You must enter over the timing mat at transition to activate your chip (will be marshalled).

33rd Cycle Route

Please take care in the transition area, before you un-rack your bike you must ensure that your helmet is worn with the strap fastened. Proceed with your bike to the bike start mount line (no cycling is allowed in the transition area) where you will be instructed to mount your bike and begin cycling by a marshal. You must not wear anything that impedes your hearing at any time during the race (e.g. any form of earphones, headphones, mobile phones, iPods etc).

  • The Cycle route is approximately 21 kilometres (13 miles) for the Sprint race and 42 kilometers (26 miles) for the Standard race. The Standard bike route being two laps of the Sprint course.
  • The bike route consists of undulating rural and urban terrain
  • Competitors must at all time obey the Highway code and give way to traffic when required to (you will be disqualified if you do not).
  • There will be cycle route marshals along the route and clear race direction signs (black arrow on a yellow background).
  • Please listen carefully to any instructions race officials give, they are there to assist with your safety but are not responsible for it.
  • The 10 Meter drafting rule will be imposed.
  • The route is on the public highway where roads are not closed and the high way code must be followed at all times.
  • Bike Route Diagram


  • The run circuit is mainly in scenic Swanley Park.
  • You will collect a band for every completed lap of the park, so you should run one lap with one band for the Sprint and a lap of the park with 3 bands for the Standard race.
  • Water will also be available at the station with the bands, near to the park exit.
  • The run section of the race is two laps of the circuit for the Sprint Race and appox 5Km or four laps  for the Standard Race or approx 10Km.
  • Run Route



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