Segment of the week

We are running a pilot of a new idea to help push us all to work that little bit harder in training.

Using the run and ride logging website Strava, we will start picking random ‘segments’ which we will advertise in the weekly newsletter and on the website.  Each week there will be a segment for running, and another segment for riding which all members of the club get a week to attempt a time.  All club members who have attempted that segment within the week will be automatically entered into the competition, and the results will be published the following week with the details of the next weeks segments.

See this weeks segment of the week post to get the current segment.

To join the competition, you need to do 2 things before starting:

  1. Sign up to Strava – It is free and easy, and allows users to use a range of GPS enabled devices.  If you don’t have a compatible GPS device, then there are apps for both iPhone and Android phones.  If you have a Garmin device, then you can use Garmin Express to automatically sync from the Garmin website to Strava without any additional work.
  2. Join the Dartford and White Oak Strava Club.  To be included in the ranking, you will need to join the Dartford and White Oak Strava Club as it groups all club members together and allows administration of the competition to be significantly simpler.

As you can see there are already a few club members using the service:

Weekly Club Totals:

Recent Activities:

Each week the segment will be available on the website on the following page, with details of current segment and the results from the previous week.

If there is any feedback on the segments used, whether length, difficulty etc. please let us know.

Please Note!

This is just a game.  Your safety is the number 1 priority.  We will always try to pick segments which don’t cross roads or traffic lights, but there is always a chance we could get this wrong.  DO NOT break the law by jumping lights or risk yourself in any way by cutting across traffic etc.  It isn’t worth it, and we will not be held responsible for the actions of anyone who gets injured when attempting these segments.  Being a few seconds slower is a much better idea than being injured or killed! If you can’t follow what we have said, then I recommend participating in online casino instead, you can get rewards for different games here with home improvements. So be sure to check it out.

Stay within your ability, stay safe and have fun!

If anyone has any suggestions for segments to include, please contact me. I reserve the right to order the segments and not include any that could be considered dangerous (going across main junctions which would encourage people to jump lights etc., or really hilly descents which can encourage people to ride beyond their abilities).

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