Team Relay

Team Relay

Please ensure all members of your team have read these instructions:

  • All relay team members should register together and they will all receive a goody bag. The swimmer must put the arm tattoo on their left arm and the runner must put the tattoo on their right calf. The cyclist will not need a tattoo.
  • Once you have registered, the cyclist must put the labels on their helmet and bike as per the instruction sheet and one of the race numbers on their lower back. The runner must put the other race number on their front. The cyclist must then rack their bike in transition and other team members will need to see where this is.
  • The swimmer should then be on poolside at about 10 minutes before their allotted start time. No other team members can be on poolside. After their swim they go to the transition area where the cyclist must be standing by their bike with their helmet already fastened. The timing chip is then passed from the ankle of the swimmer to that of the cyclist who only then may remove the bike and walk/run to the exit of transition where they will be told they can mount their bike. The runner must not be in transition at this time. The swimmer must then exit transition.
  • After the cyclist has finished the bike leg and come into transition they must rack their bike in the same place and only then can the timing chip be passed to the runner to put on their ankle before starting the run. The swimmer must not be in transition at this time.
  • When the whole race is complete the cyclist must remove the bike by showing their race number and body marking to match the label on the bike.
  • All team members must ensure they are not obstructing other athletes in the transition areas.



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